Wash and Fold Service Near Me

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wash and fold service near me

Wash and Fold Service Near Me

If you’re tired of taking a weekly trip to the laundromat and don’t want to waste time wash and fold service near me your clothes, you can always hire a wash and fold service. These services make it easy to get your laundry done without even leaving home, and they come with a wide range of price points and turnaround times.

Tide, the brand that invented dry cleaning, offers wash-and-fold service at more than 1,500 locations across the country. The company’s extensive cleaning process includes a seven-point inspection and repairs on buttons and threads to ensure that your clothes are clean and look their best.

Convenient Wash and Fold Services Near You: A Comprehensive Guide to Affordable Laundry

Boomerang NYC operates an iOS app that whisks your laundry to a nearby cleaner within an hour of pressing a button on your phone. The company offers free pickup and delivery as well as same-day, one-day and two-day turnarounds.

Hamperville has an iPhone and Android app that lets you customize your dry cleaning and laundry service with special instructions, such as allergy information and a preference for specific detergents. The service also offers a subscription program that saves you money on your laundry each month.

Rinse, a San Francisco-based company, serves seven cities offering wash-and-fold, hang dry, and dry cleaning with a regular monthly fee that’s priced by the bag, not the weight. This predictable pricing makes it a great option for frequent users, and the service does its part to keep your clothing smelling fresh.

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