How to Fit an Architrave Door

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architrave door

You must cut your architrave before fitting it to your door. Its length should be between six and eight inches. Then, you should use the appropriate cutting blade. Usually, architrave is supplied as a single long piece or as a few shorter pieces. Most architrave door pieces are connected at the corners by 45-degree mitered ends. It is important to cut the architrave to the correct length and shape. Remember to fit the door leaf before installing the architrave.

You can order one or two architraves per doorway. A single architrave is ideal for a single door, while a double architrave is great for two doors side by side. When you’re shopping for architraves, you’ll need to consider the size and profile of your doorway before making your purchase. You can also order a door set that will cover both sides of your doorway.

You can also install an architrave without drilling holes. Just make sure you leave room for mitre cuts, and you can do it with a tenon or fine tooth saw. Make sure the outer edge of the architrave is wider than the inner edge. After you’ve fitted the architrave, you should sand it down to make it fit better.

Architrave is often made from MDF, which is durable and free of knots. They are also made to be waterproof, so they can survive in any environment. Architrave is ideal for hiding unsightly surfaces and protecting from knocks.

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