Flower Power – A Good For Your Health

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Flower Power – A Good For Your Health

Get Flower Power are an excellent source of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that can help improve your health. They are an excellent addition to your diet and can boost your energy, reduce stress and boost your immune system.

They can also help you fight common colds and flu. Planting flowers and plants inside your home can create humidity in the air, which helps fight dry skin, throats and coughs.

Having plants and flowers in your home can bring tranquility to your life and have an overall positive impact on your mental health. A study from Rutgers University showed that having plants in your home can increase feelings of life satisfaction, reduce depression and anxiety and improve mood.

A fresh bouquet can lift your spirits and put a smile on your face! Research has shown that having a bouquet on hand at all times can trigger positive emotions and have a long-lasting effect on your happiness.

The Benefits of Using Plants to Reduce Stress

In fact, it was flower power that got the ball rolling when Allen Ginsberg wrote the poem “How to Make a March” in 1963. He hoped to use this non-violent technique of guerilla theater to bring attention to the Vietnam War and the need for peace.

It would become an influential movement in America. The hippie culture, centered in San Francisco, embraced the flower power ethos of “loving your neighbor” and non-violent social change. It spread beyond the anti-war protests of Berkeley and became a nationwide phenomenon.

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