Best German Erotic Sex Films


Best german erotic sex

German cinema has produced some of the best erotic films of all time. During the 20th century, Germany has produced many movies with some of the most memorable erotic moments in cinema history. Despite the violence and atrocities that have taken place in the country, the German film industry has continued to produce great films with a strong sex component. Check here :

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One of the most acclaimed erotic dramas in recent years is “The Lives of Others”. This period drama takes place in a world that is closed off during the German reunification era. A writer becomes a target of a spymaster. He is forced to go through a full body search conducted by the Stasi. When the search is completed, he discovers that he has to kill someone in order to get the job. The movie is a riveting and harrowing portrayal of the lives of others.

Another notable German erotic film is “Julia” from 1974. In the movie, Julia is a good-looking German girl who has travelled to Greece. Many people try to get her into bed. But there is a lot of tension in the relationship. However, they soon find that their passion for each other is too much to bear. Eventually, she is sent to a hospital in a remote area of Germany. While she is there, she develops a relationship with a man.