Sara Freeman is a writer, editor and nomad. She enjoys moving to countries she’s never been to before. Her first book, “Hard to Get: The Women and Films of Howard Hawks,” will be published by The Critical Press in 2017. You can read her work on MUBI, TIFF’s The Slate, Keyframe, La Furia Umana, Lumière and many other publications. She tweets on occasion as @CelluloidAngel.

Otie Wheeler has written for MUBI and works professionally in the field of broadcast video in Massachusetts. He founded PubX, a DIY pop-up film fest, serves on the board of the Northampton Film Festival, and believes in the movies as collective ritual.

John Lehtonen is a cinephile residing in California. While a fan of all forms of cinema, he finds himself most at home in the bowels of Vulgar Auteurism, the focus of much (most) of his writing. He writes at Molecular Cinema.

Christopher Small lives and writes in the United Kingdom. His byline has appeared in a number of international publications, including Film Comment, Cinema Scope, MUBI, Fandor, IndieWire, and Cineaste. Links to his work can be found at Routine Pleasure.

CJ Roy lives in Vancouver and has been watching way too much wrestling (NJPW). Sometimes he watches stuff and plays things. He doesn’t really have a blog or anything like that but you can find him tweeting under @cjroy89.

Willow Maclay is a cinephile residing in St. John’s, Newfoundland. Her interest in cinema began as a young girl growing up with the films of Clint Eastwood, Tim Burton and Hayao Miyazaki. She’s passionate about many different subjects, including everything from wrestling to feminism, but her true passions lie in cinema. She’s currently trying to figure out how to roller skate so she can join a roller derby team. When she’s not falling on her ass you can probably find her tweeting at willow_catelyn or writing over at Curtsies and Hand Grenades.


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