An Interview with John Carpenter

I lived in Chicago between 2004 and 2012. John Carpenter’s last movie, The Ward, didn’t play in the third largest US city during its limited theatrical run in 2011. It did, however, show briefly in Austin, TX. I worked at Whole Foods at the time and just happened to be traveling down to the weird city to receive some special… Read more →

Cigarette Burns

  John Carpenter has never been a “contemporary” horror director. His cinema has always seemed out of synch with its appropriate climate or era. Usually, it’s agreed that the Hollywood of the 1950s would’ve been a more ideal environment, but is that even true? Increasingly, particularly as the horror genre (all genres) have metastasized in the wake of digital, it… Read more →

Amuse-gueule #3: “All Shook Up” (on John Carpenter’s ELVIS)

(made for TV in 1979, projected and “re-recorded” in an apartment in 2013, revised on and for a computer) (recommended full screen) ______ Question: “Do you dye your hair?” Elvis Presley: “Sure, because I’ve always done it for the movies.” Question: “Why do you dye your hair?” Elvis Presley: “Because it’s gray.” – press conference on July 31st 1969, Las Vegas,… Read more →