Squints and Meet Cutes

For the very first issue of The Vulgar Cinema Magazine, we are looking for pitches on two subjects close to our hearts: romantic comedies and Clint Eastwood.

We’re looking for essays on all types of romantic comedies – Bollywood movies, horror movies, you name it. We’re looking for unique approaches and ideas you have about the genre. Think Hannibal (2001) is the best romantic comedy you’ve ever seen? Please tell us why! We’re open to anything and everything if you can make a good case for it.

TVC is very excited for the release of Clint Eastwood’s new movie, Sully. Eastwood turned 86 this year and we would love to celebrate one of our favorite filmmakers by publishing essays about some of his movies, especially those released since 2000. We want to read what you have to say about Space Cowboys, Blood Work and J. Edgar!

Pitches should be approximately 200-300 words in length and are due by 8/25/16. We welcome pitches by new writers, but ask that everyone include 2-3 writing samples for us to look at as well as a brief bio so we can get to know you better. The work you do for us will, unfortunately, be unpaid, at least for this issue. We are working on getting funding and hope to be able to pay our writers in the very near future. Please send submissions and any questions you might have to We promise we’ll be in touch! Thank you.