Gamer (Mark Neveldine/Brian Taylor, 2009)

Neveldine/Taylor poke at the sickness of American mass entertainment not by subverting its pleasures but by dialling them up to an absurd level; as a result, the noxious undertones usually hidden by a veil of respectability explode to the surface.

Some Favorites: 2014

Some are legitimately great movies, some are terrific genre jams, some are a ton of fun. They just all meant something to us.

Trying to Get Back Home: Clint Eastwood’s Jersey Boys

The neighborhood is a place of voices and memories. Everything is made memory the instant it happens. It isn’t exactly fantasy, not quite melancholy, not jubilation. It’s a chorus of voices and emotions…

Don’t Go Breaking My Heart (Johnnie To, 2011)

This is a film where love is held within window frames and the lines those frames create. It’s romance by architecture.

We Sell Our Ass, Not Our Friends: Robert Kramer’s Diesel

A movie made in the past, set in the future, about a problem that haunts our present, where heroes drive tow-trucks, women stick together, and handshakes are everything.

For Any Order: Two For Auteurs Gone Wild—Broken Lullaby & Under Capricorn

This review is part of our Auteurs Gone Wild series.

A Woman of Paris & The Immigrant

It’s funny how two movies made ninety years apart can have so much in common. The Immigrant was released during 2013’s festival season. A Woman of Paris was released in 1923. Both films are set roughly two years apart in the early 1920s. Both are about young women looking and hoping for a better life in a new city…

The Saga of Anatahan (Josef Von Sternberg, 1953)

The first shots of Josef von Sternberg’s The Saga of Anatahan establish the extreme geography of the film… This is a space between extremes, where most of us live. It’s a powerful visual idea and one Sternberg repeats…

You and Me (Fritz Lang, 1938)

This review is part of our Auteurs Gone Wild series. The movie will screen at…