I’ma Go For It: Elevating (Vehicular) Bodies in Justin Lin’s ‘Fast and Furious’ Movies Pt. 2

— Fast Five is a whole different ballgame. The movie’s central narrative and aesthetic theme is about starting anew – rebuilding, regrouping, remaking, re-familiarizing. If you fuck up your life by becoming fugitives, rebuild it. If you and your crew part ways on the run, regroup (in Rio de Janeiro). If your family is broken, remake it bigger and better… Read more →

A Woman of Paris & The Immigrant

It’s funny how two movies made ninety years apart can have so much in common. The Immigrant was released during 2013’s festival season. A Woman of Paris was released in 1923. Both films are set roughly two years apart in the early 1920s. Both are about young women looking and hoping for a better life in a new city… Read more →

You and Me (Fritz Lang, 1938)

This review is part of our Auteurs Gone Wild series. The movie will screen at Anthology Film Archives on 3/20, 3/27 and 3/29.   Sylvia Sidney is one of Lang’s good girls, one of his American sweethearts. She wants the finer things in life, of course, but she doesn’t ask for what she can’t have, for things far outside her means. She’s not vain and… Read more →

Amuse-gueule #3: “All Shook Up” (on John Carpenter’s ELVIS)

(made for TV in 1979, projected and “re-recorded” in an apartment in 2013, revised on and for a computer) (recommended full screen) ______ Question: “Do you dye your hair?” Elvis Presley: “Sure, because I’ve always done it for the movies.” Question: “Why do you dye your hair?” Elvis Presley: “Because it’s gray.” – press conference on July 31st 1969, Las Vegas,… Read more →