Dear Dwayne Johnson (You Made Me Love You)

This video is a remake of Judy Garland’s “Dear Mr. Gable (You Made Me Love You)” from The Broadway Melody of 1938. As you can tell from my video, I love Dwayne Johnson. I love watching him on WWE, on television and especially in movies. He is endlessly likeable and effortlessly charismatic. You can’t buy or manufacture his type of… Read more →

Penélope Cruz

The Cruz of Vicky Cristina Barcelona is a cypher—damaged, brilliant; a maniac and romantic whose every word is either a spit in your face or an evocation of renewed love. As María Elena, the itinerant lover and ex-wife of painter Juan Antonio, she is both an explosion of the stereotype of the unstable romantic and the logical extension of Cruz’ young… Read more →