Cigarette Burns

  John Carpenter has never been a “contemporary” horror director. His cinema has always seemed out of synch with its appropriate climate or era. Usually, it’s agreed that the Hollywood of the 1950s would’ve been a more ideal environment, but is that even true? Increasingly, particularly as the horror genre (all genres) have metastasized in the wake of digital, it… Read more →

Amuse-gueule #3: “All Shook Up” (on John Carpenter’s ELVIS)

(made for TV in 1979, projected and “re-recorded” in an apartment in 2013, revised on and for a computer) (recommended full screen) ______ Question: “Do you dye your hair?” Elvis Presley: “Sure, because I’ve always done it for the movies.” Question: “Why do you dye your hair?” Elvis Presley: “Because it’s gray.” – press conference on July 31st 1969, Las Vegas,… Read more →