Cigarette Burns

  John Carpenter has never been a “contemporary” horror director. His cinema has always seemed out of synch with its appropriate climate or era. Usually, it’s agreed that the Hollywood of the 1950s would’ve been a more ideal environment, but is that even true? Increasingly, particularly as the horror genre (all genres) have metastasized in the wake of digital, it… Read more →

Predator or A-violence

The following article, an investigation into the treatment of violence in John McTiernan’s Predator (1987), originally ran in 1996 in a special issue of the French magazine, Admiranda, dedicated to action movies. The author, Martin Barnier, is professor of film history at Lumière University Lyon 2 in Lyon, France. He publishes articles in the 1895. Revue and has also published in CinémAction, Positif,… Read more →