Author: johnlehtonen1

John Lehtonen is a cinephile residing in California. While a fan of all forms of cinema, he finds himself most at home in the bowels of Vulgar Auteurism, the focus of much (most) of his writing. He writes at Molecular Cinema.

Cigarette Burns

  John Carpenter has never been a “contemporary” horror director. His cinema has always seemed out of synch with its appropriate climate or era. Usually, it’s agreed that the Hollywood of the 1950s would’ve been a more ideal environment, but is that even true? Increasingly, particularly as the horror genre (all genres) have metastasized in the wake of digital, it… Read more →

Cajun Operetta

Hard Target literalizes American capitalist class warfare as a barbaric, crazed action plot: an organization that sets up hunts for rich men, the quarry being homeless veterans. It would be foolish to think of this as bad or uninteresting work. This is John Woo. Read more →