Auteurs Gone Wild


At Anthology Film Archives in New York, David Phelps has curated a nifty new series called Auteurs Gone Wild which looks at the Crème de la crème of classic Hollywood’s best filmmakers and their most atypical works. Included are Hitchcock, Lubitsch, Chaplin, Cukor, Capra and a whole lot more.

As the title suggests, this series is sort of the fun house mirror version of vulgar cinema. We’re going to be providing coverage of the whole program, which runs from March 20th-30th. Please let us know if you check it out.

Here’s the master list for everything we’re going to be writing about and when it screens::

You and Me (Fritz Lang, 1938): by Sara Freeman
March 20th, 9:00
March 27th, 7:00
March 29th, 9:00

The Bitter Tea of General Yen (Frank Capra, 1933)
March 20th, 7:00
March 24th, 7:00
March 27th, 9:00

Peter Ibbetson (Henry Hathaway, 1935): by Otie Wheeler
March 21st, 7:00
March 25th, 9:15

Edward, My Son (George Cukor, 1949): by Sara Freeman
March 21st, 9:00
March 23rd, 4:15
March 26th, 6:45

A Woman of Paris (Charles Chaplin, 1923): by Sara Freeman
March 22nd, 4:45
March 23rd, 8:30
March 30th, 7:00

A Countess from Hong Kong (Charles Chaplin, 1967): by Neil Bahadur
March 22nd, 6:45
March 26th, 9:15
March 30th, 4:30

Under Capricorn (Alfred Hitchcock, 1949): by Christopher Small
March 22nd, 9:15
March 25th, 6:45

Broken Lullaby (Ernst Lubitsch, 1932): by Christopher Small
March 23rd, 6:45
March 29th, 5:15
March 30th, 9:00

The Saga of Anatahan (Josef Von Sternberg,1953): by Preston C. Whistle
March 24th, 9:00
March 29th, 7:00

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