Amuse-gueule #3: “All Shook Up” (on John Carpenter’s ELVIS)

(made for TV in 1979, projected and “re-recorded” in an apartment in 2013, revised on and for a computer)
(recommended full screen)


Question: “Do you dye your hair?”
Elvis Presley: “Sure, because I’ve always done it for the movies.”
Question: “Why do you dye your hair?”
Elvis Presley: “Because it’s gray.”

– press conference on July 31st 1969, Las Vegas, International Hotel


“I don’t think that CinemaScope is a good medium. It’s good only for showing great masses of movement. For other things, it’s distracting, it’s hard to focus attention, and it’s very difficult to cut. Some people just cut it and let people’s eyes jump around and find what they want to find. It’s very hard for an audience to focus — they have too much to look at — they can’t see the whole thing.”

– Howard Hawks


“I just love Panavision… It’s a cinematic ratio, and I don’t think you can see it anywhere but the movie house. On television, you see squares and that’s fine for television.”

– John Carpenter

“Now the stage is bare and I’m standing there / With emptiness all around”

– from “Are You Lonesome Tonight?”, lyrics by Roy Turk 


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